Limited Edition Inspiring Rider Certificate – TALICIA BEARDSMORE

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Congratulations to Talicia Beardsmore (Horsemanship & Horse Lover Mentor), for being Awarded inclusion in our INSPIRING RIDER SERIES.

Talicia’s HorsePLAY® card, uniquely designed by Talicia, comes enclosed in a LIMITED EDITION Certificate of Authenticity, complete with its own Number, Date of Issue and Talicia’s signature.

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    If you love Talicia, you’ll love this LIMITED EDITION chance to have a special Talicia treasure to keep as your own.

    Talicia’s HorsePLAY® card can be removed from the Certificate and included in your box of HorsePLAY® to enjoy OR remain in the Certificate as a special Collector’s item to treasure.

    It’s no wonder HorsePLAY® received the Top 100 National SMART Product of the Year Award.

    There is no product like HorsePLAY® anywhere in the world.

  • Reviews (10)

    10 reviews for Limited Edition Inspiring Rider Certificate – TALICIA BEARDSMORE

    1. Joanna

      Go Talicia!

    2. Jacqueline

      Successfully competing different horses at various events from local Pony Club to Royal Shows, led, ridden and carriage classes, may sound like the easy journey of someone given well trained horses and unlimited opportunities.

      That’s not the case for Talicia. She’s trained her own horses and helps train other horses from the age of yearlings. When it’s time to clean the paddock, tack or ride in the cold rainy days of winter and heat of summer, that’s Talicia you’ll see out there putting in the time and focussed effort to LIVE THE DREAM of being a professional equestrian.

      Generous with her time and positive feedback to fellow riders and horse lovers Talicia is a stand out mentor and role model.
      We are extremely proud to have Talicia Beardsmore Awarded INSPIRING RIDER in our LIMITED EDITION Series.

      You’ll be proud to, to be able to hold a piece of Talicia’s inspirational message and love of life in your hands. To keep as a Treasure for years to come.

      Best wishes
      Jacqueline Thompson
      Creator of HorsePLAY

    3. Katerina

      I’m a HUGE fan of Talicias, I find her so inspiring and this card truly does give a good representation of her as an Equestrian! I absolutely love the poem on this amazing card and the beautiful pictures on it!! Defiantly recommend buying this card before there all gone!!

    4. Chynna

      WOW!! When I found out I not only won the HorsePLAY game from a giveaway..but also was receiving the Talicia Beardsmore limited edition card, I was over the moon!!! Talicia is such an inspiration and her journey with her horses has been amazing, so to have her card really is spectacular. I definitely recommended getting this card to add to the collection!

    5. Alicia

      A great asset to HorsePLAY!! You wouldn’t want to miss out on Talicia’s certificate!!

    6. Ellie

      Amazing to have. Limited edition item from such an inspirational rider! Such good quality too. I’ve watched Talicia for years so it is great to have her card etc. in my favourite game ever!

      • Jacqueline

        Aww, WOW!
        On behalf of Talicia and the HorsePLAY team, THANK YOU Ellie, your words make what we do worth it.

    7. Kirsty

      Such a great quality card and very proud for Talica. HorsePLAY is amazing and if I could give it 10 stars I would!

      • Jacqueline

        10 Stars! That’s gorgeous, thank you.

    8. Kadey Wright

      This is certainly one of my favourites from the Inspiring Rider series! Talicia has always been a big inspiration to me… simply because she proves that with hard work and commitment, anything can be possible! These are only limited edition too, which makes it even more special!!

    9. Talicia Beardsmore

      I want to come on here and just say a huge thank you to HorsePLAY! I’m so grateful that they gave me the opportunity to have my own limited edition card! I love the way it turned out, such a gorgeous card

      • Jacqueline

        Oh wow Talicia, you’re welcome. We love what you do and are proud to support you on your journey.

    10. Lilly Tindal

      I’ve been following Talicia for a while and she truly is an inspiring rider. It’s really cool to see a young rider with an awesome story with their own HorsePLAY card! It motivates me to maybe have my own HorsePLAY card one day!

      • Jacqueline

        Here’s to your goal of being invited to have your own HorsePLAY card coming true Lilly. Thank you.

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