Why HorsePLAY?

Just like when an apple fell right in front of Isaac Newton and would later birth the law of gravity, though horrific, the fall of Jacqueline Thompson in a life changing horse riding accident inspired the invention of something beyond just a game, HorsePLAY®.

Dying in the Dirt

A 13 year old girl was first to discover on the National Park trail what she thought was a dead body.  Applying the first aid she’d learnt at Pony Club she not only saved Jacqueline’s life but stopped her joining Christopher Reeve in a life of paralysis. Well intentioned bushwalkers, bike and horse riders wanted to remove her helmet and put her in the coma position.  No!

Years of intense rehab learning basics like walking and talking followed.  Jacqueline rose from those years with a Revolutionary Design for a DUAL Entertainer.  Her goal – to entertain, educate, give us over the top value for money and positively change as many lives as possible!

What, LIFE LESSONS in a box?

Absolutely!  She started running clinics and lessons on horsemanship, confidence, team building and EAL-Equine Assisted Learning. Yes, where horses teach humans.

“It frightened me, a lot.  HorsePLAY® was created because I was scared.  Scared for people, for horses, for lives that should be happier, without fear and much more playful” is how Jacqueline explains it.

After giving hundreds of lessons, many to ‘experienced’ horse people, she discovered many didn’t know basics, like horses only breathe through their nose.  They didn’t check their students tack and many encouraged students to crop, spur and grr their horse when it wouldn’t go faster. Yet that noble creature couldn’t go faster.  It COULDN’T BREATHE! The bridle strap was incorrectly over its nose. 

Her fear lead to the reality that the best way to give tools for living a healthy, happy, playful life, with lasting learning that entertained, was to productize the content from her lessons.  And send it global.

Aussie creates a Revolution

Not only does this DUAL entertainer, Adventure Game PLUS Coffee Table Book in a Box, deliver to all the hype, it seriously raises the bar on what we can expect from a ‘game’.  The Revolutionary Quality and Design are so unexpected in this disposable world.  HorsePLAY® honours the traits of yesteryear, it really is Built to Last!

Images credits: (top) Ross Pulsford, Nicole Emanuel, Picasso,  (above) Tim Flach, James Collier

Hilarious play EVERY day

Would you go watch Stallion Boxing?  Buckle up, the content is refreshing.

Move over Thriller and Nutbush, HorsePLAY® is in the house!  It has its own song, own music video, own dance steps!  A song crafted by International Songwriter of the Year Tony King no less.  

Hilarious!  White guys CAN’T dance! 

Whether you love action, trivia, drawing, singing badly or well, HorsePLAY® has magic for everyone. 

Don’t have any friends handy? 

Don’t like playing games?  Don’t worry, this is where the Duality of HorsePLAY®’s revolutionary design shines bright. What irony!  A game that’s so well designed you don’t even have to PLAY it, to LOVE it!  Enjoy HorsePLAY® on your own, anytime, anywhere.  

Being a Coffee Table Book in a Box means you can get cozy, pop the lid and voila.  Hours of fun wandering through stunning images and “WOW, I didn’t know that” content that dazzles and delights.  

Never before has such global talent been harnessed together in a game product. The list of artists in HorsePLAY® reads like a Who’s Who – Picasso, Robert Vavra, Tim Flach, Stubbs, Sorolla, Renoir.  Finally, you get to hold the Mona Lisa in your hands, without fear of life behind bars!

Isn’t it a Great Name?

Who’d have thought a play on words about what horses do instinctively EVERY day would lead to the gathering together of such global talent (experts, artists and celebrities), in an entertainer packed with so much horsepower!  

Having some HorsePLAY® is all about healthy play on your own (solo), or with a herd buddy (social). It wasn’t just Plato who worked out the benefits of play thousands of years ago.  Horses have been doing it daily for 55 million years.
And now SO CAN WE.