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WOW – 2 products in one!  Exciting Adventure game + Coffee Table Book in a Box. It’s time to let your true horsepower gallop free.  You can enjoy HorsePLAY® socially or on your own.

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    There is no product like HorsePLAY® anywhere in the world.

    Revolutionary in Quality & Design. You don’t have to be ‘horsey’ to love having some HorsePLAY®.

    Whether you love action, challenges, answering trivia, mime, drawing, singing badly or well, HorsePLAY® has something for everyone.

    HorsePLAY® showcases the artistry and excellence of a huge array of our best global talent. The hilarious and/or engaging images are on display for you in this one seriously playable, portable and built to last entertainer.

    Robust in design, the box is made of durable plastic. Each Adventure card has a matt varnish over the high quality card paper – helping ensure it lasts you a very long time. If you accidentally drop a game card into your breakfast bowl, don’t worry. Just wipe it clean and good as new.

    Discounts apply for orders of 10 or more!

    Outrageous fun for EVERYONE aged > 7 years.


    • 385 Adventure cards
    • Instructions
    • 1 x timer
    • 1 x pencil
    • 1 x HorsePLAY® dice
    • 1 x notepad
    • 1 x components bag
    • 1 x prize card

    IT’S TIME to learn these secrets about horses AND to discover your hidden horsepower.

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    Additional information

    Weight 1.1 kg
    Dimensions 19 × 11 × 8.5 cm
  • Reviews (69)

    69 reviews for HorsePLAY

    1. Kat

      I absolutely love HorsePLAY! It is such a fun game to play when you are on road trips, on holiday or just at home to play with friends, pets and by yourself!
      I love how much you learn from each card and how exciting it is knowing all these fun facts!
      If you are horsey or not, HorsePLAY is the game for anyone to play! Highly recommend!!
      Katerina xx

    2. Alicia Malloy

      I absolutely LOVE my box of HorsePLAY!! I take it everywhere with me. It comes in an easy travel box perfect to transport, it comes with me to comps, family trips and even holidays. It is also a great way to pass the time but most of all a great way to spend some quality family time together. But regardless this game is so fun to play solo or socially!!

    3. Steph

      I LOVE HorsePLAY!
      I can play on my own or in company, have a good laugh and learn in the process. Get on it!

    4. Dimittee

      Absolutely love this game! It gave me and my best friend some laughs and the questions/answers were really interesting!


    5. Kody brown

      HorsePLAY is THE BEST GAME on the market! Wondering why?

      HorsePLAY can be played alone, with your horsey friends and friends that have no experience with horses! Personally, I’ve had plenty of fun going through the cards on my own. Though I don’t my own game, I’ve got the inspiring rider card set! that alone has been entertaining for me, and my friends.

      Whether you’re planning a road trip, just sitting down at home, or you’re off to a show, HorsePLAY can be a great way to pass some time and keep yourself occupied while learning more about horsemanship!
      HorsePLAY has so much Information just waiting for you to learn about! If you’re ever looking for a new game, HorsePLAY is definitely the way to go. You won’t regret supporting such an amazing company and their products,(especially when they’re so fun!)

      Not to mention the founder of HorsePLAY, Jacqueline who has been an amazing support since the day I discovered HorsePLAY and it truly shows through her awesome customer care!

      • Jacqueline

        Oh WOW Kody, your words mean so very much to us. THANK YOU.

    6. Lisa

      I would love HORSEPLAY as i love Board/Card games and love furthering my learning and knowledge of horses and all things horses. this would also be such a great game to play with all my horsey friends

    7. Katerina

      HorsePLAY game is by far my most favourite game ever!!
      It’s fun to play with anyone, horsey or not, by yourself or even with your pets!!
      It’s super easy to take anywhere as it’s safely packed in a blue box to protect the inside cards!
      I also love it because of all the new facts that we learn from reading the cards!!
      Super fun and I highly recommend!!!!
      Katerina xx

    8. Dicet

      1. I would love this for home, when I’m not with my horses. 2. Looks like fun. 3. Might learn something new.

    9. Tarita Hutton

      1. Beautiful quality
      2. Amazing way to learn new things about horses, something for everyone and
      3. Great fun to enjoy alone, or with friends and family both horsie and not!

    10. Regina Rindfuss

      HorsePLAY looks like it would be amazingly fun! I can’t wait to get it so the whole family and even students can play! Thirdly, who can’t resist a game about horses and adventures!

    11. Samantha tydeman

      Amazing product, amazing bright happy colours and just all out the best equestrian gear to wear and use

    12. Emily Sues

      I would love HorsePLAY because
      1. It looks really fun
      2. Me and my friends love to play games at events and this looks really good for that
      3. This isn’t really a reason but talicia is one of my idols and her horse jep looks like my horse Bear

      Also my insta is ems._.sues

    13. Zani Fairfield-Smith (zg_equestrian_) on Instagram

      I love HorsePLAY as it is a great and fun game for everyone to join in on horsey or even non horsey friends, I bought this for a present for one of my younger cousins last year and she loved it and we all played it all day. I love how it has heaps of different questions and fun pictures as well ! I also really like how the game is set up and it’s design.

    14. Allegra Gleeson

      HorsePLAY is SO CUTE. I honestly love how you can collect different cards. I also love the feature that different riders are on different cards. I really recommend this game for horse lovers all around the world. and it a great price DEFINITELY WORTH YOUR MONEY a must have on the Christmas or birthday list or even Easter list. this game is also really fun to play with friends at a horse show or even at your barn.

    15. Kahlan

      Such an awesome game I definitely recommend it

    16. Linda Morris

      Would love to have for my daughter as she loves horses. Looks interesting. Definitely something new.

    17. jumping_revenge

      I really want HorsePLAY because it can help teach me more things about horses and my family, it’s a fun horse game and it’s simple so everyone can play.

    18. Olivia

      3 reasons I’d love to get HorsePLAY are
      1) Be able to enjoy horses when I’m not with them
      2) have fun and a laugh with my family and friends
      3) create connections between myself and other horse enthusiasts

    19. samfitz71

      Couldn’t recommend enough! HorsePLAY is great fun for the whole family or even just your self. I’ve had my game box for over a year now and It never gets boring, the whole family absolutely loves playing. Very fun game and lots of interesting facts to learn

    20. Christine B

      Love this site. Love the products.

    21. Sydney

      HorsePLAY is cool.

    22. Lauryl Maddison

      I am yet to get HorsePLAY but I am definitely going to!!
      1. It is a great way to get your family evolved in your passion for horses
      2. It’s very engaging with pictures as well as writing
      3. It furthers your knowledge of horses even when you aren’t with them

      • Jacqueline

        All are very true Lauryl. Thank you.

    23. Chynna

      Love Love LOVE!! HorsePLAY is so unique, fun and colourful. It has beautiful pictures and drawings throughout as well as very fun and interesting facts! Jacqueline, the creator of HorsePLAY has put so much time and effort into making this product the best it can be, and I can assure you that it has all paid off!! When purchasing or receiving your own magical box, you’ll notice the amazing attention to detail with beautiful packaging, personalised messages and extra reading material. This game is so fun and the whole family loved it!! You don’t need to have a background with horses, or extensive knowledge to be able to play; A love for horses or passion for playing games will do! I 100% recommended HorsePLAY to everyone!

      • Jacqueline

        From all the HorsePLAY team Chynna,THANK YOU, THANK YOU. That means a lot to us.

    24. Ruben Van Doesselaere

      I’m NOT horsey! Yet on our recent trip travelling around Australia in a small van it was a brilliant companion, small and sturdy, easy to travel with. It kept us entertained and laughing loud and often! HorsePLAY rocks!
      Ruben Van Doesselaere, BELGIUM

      • Jacqueline

        Aww, WOW!
        On behalf of the HorsePLAY team, THANK YOU Ruben, your words make what we do worth it.
        CONGRATULATIONS! You’re the first person in Belguium to own a box of HorsePLAY! Whoohoo!

    25. Zarah

      I couldn’t recommend HorsePLAY enough, it is such a unique and interesting game! It is so fun to play with friends, family or alone. Not to mention Jacqueline is so supportive and kind towards her customers! 🙂

      • Jacqueline

        Aww thank you so much for saying so. That means alot to us.

    26. Elysia Wills

      HorsePLAY is such a creative game. I love HorsePLAY for SO many reasons… but just to name a couple,
      – HorsePLAY is great for anyone of any age!
      – I can play HorsePLAY by myself or with friends!
      – You don’t have to play it to love it! I have my HorsePLAY on my kitchen bench, my family and I love playing it after dinner, and my dad doesn’t even like horses that much and he loves HorsePLAY! (I don’t blame him, it’s a really good game. Wouldn’t want to miss out!)
      – the “how to play” directions are so clear and easy to understand I love it! It makes it a lot easier to get the hang of for newbies!
      – i love the backstory of HorsePLAY, and how it was created by hearing Jacqueline’s amazing story. (Her life was saved by a 13yo Pony Club girl!) I can’t believe it!
      – HorsePLAY is a great game to purchase, and the one and only Jacqueline, will make sure you enjoy it and help you with any troubles you might have!
      – and with myself being a member of pony trots Victoria, I compete weekly and we drive up to 3 hours to get to an event! Time flies when I have fun, and that’s definitely in the car with HorsePLAY on the way to the track. I almost want another one to keep in the car!!

      All up, HorsePLAY is such fun, I’m addicted! It’s SO easy to take it anywhere with you. I’ve found it’s great for car trips, before bed, after you eat, having a sit outside, at the stables or at a event and many more! It’s the perfect size to easily take it with you, and makes all experiences just that bit better. I love HorsePLAY!

      • Jacqueline

        WOW, WOW, WOW Elysia! Thank you

    27. Emily

      HorsePLAY looks amazing!
      1. There are no horse games and this would be so much fun
      2. I admire the equestrians featured in it
      3. Anything to do with horses is always amazing!!!

    28. Phoebe

      HorsePLAY is incredible! It’s such a creative game that has been made for our enjoyment. Not only us equestrians, but it’s also great for the family! I think Jacqueline has done an incredible job creating HorsePLAY! I love it so much and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is wanting a fun and inclusive game to play!

      • Jacqueline

        Thanks Phoebe, your words mean a great deal to us.

    29. Jordan

      Played HorsePLAY and fell in love!
      One of my friends introduced it to me and I’m DYING to get one for myself!
      I loved how I was learning from every card. I learn the best when I’m having fun and it definitely worked! I loved how it brought be and my girl friends closer, especially the non horsey ones! They loved it and might be getting it themselves and one even said she wants to learn more!
      I loved how it just, brought us together! And I just loved how you can take it anywhere and still learn and have fun! There isn’t many horse games out there and this one absolutely amazing! RECOMMEND TO ALL HORSEY PEOPLE AND I’M DEFINITELY GONNA BUY MYSELF ONE

      • Jacqueline

        Oh wow Jordan, your words reflect exactly why we created HorsePLAY. Thank you.

    30. Kadey Wright

      HorsePLAY is certainly a game worthwhile… I use mine all the time, here are some of its features for anyone considering purchasing their own!

      – The HorsePLAY game provides fun and amusement for hours while on long road trips.
      – It encourages quality family time, especially for busy families that are very involved with work and other commitments, HorsePLAY is a great way for the family to come relax and enjoy playing with each other.
      – My family and many friends are not horsey… at all! However once we started playing we spent hours on it, and they thoroughly enjoyed it! The cards are designed so that anyone (horsey or not!) can understand it and learn many new things!
      – Each of the cards are very different however they are all very interactive and appealing… very colourful and feature some gorgeous pictures!
      – HorsePLAY has taught me many news facts about horses, which has ensured I can be safe and get the most out of riding and caring for them!
      – For many riders that compete, the long waits between rounds can seem like forever… especially when you’ve got competition nerves! But HorsePLAY is great for amusement while waiting around, and it is so compelling that it will take your mind off being nervous for the competition and help you to just have fun!!
      – HorsePLAY is so unique, there is nothing like it!!!
      – The box is beautifully designed, my first impression was how impressive it is with the gorgeous fold out design it came in.
      – The written instructions are so clear and simple, which is great when playing with younger kids, as it allows them to understand the game and quickly get into it!

      Overall, I just absolutely love HorsePLAY, it’s such a fun and interactive game and I’ll always recommend it!
      Kadey xx

      • Jacqueline

        WOW, WOW, WOW Kadey, we’re speechless! Your words are soooooo special. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. xx

    31. Jana Van Doesselaere

      Absolutely love HorsePLAY! I’m from Belgium and got it to have as part of my travels around Australia. The cards are interesting to read and have amazing pictures. Home now my cat loves to play along and steal my cards! Having quality cards is SO important! Strongly advise this buy!

    32. Isla

      I have sadly not received HorsePLAY …. yet! 3 reasons why I would like it!
      It’s inspiring, it’s fun and it’s great quality!
      I plan on buying soon!
      Thanks c:

    33. Kate Gerraty

      HorsePLAY! seems like the most fun game out there! It would be perfect for long car trips, for those horsey and those not. And just from what I can see in the images online, the detail and colour of the pictures on the cards is breathtaking. The third reason why I cannot wait to order this game is that I’m the only person who rides in my family and while my parents and extended do try to get involved, it is clear that they have absolutely no clue what they are on about, but with HorsePLAY! There is not only a fun but educational side to it! Thank you so much for producing such a high quality game that I cannot wait to get my hands on!
      Kate xx

      • Jacqueline

        Your non-horsey friends and family will love HorsePLAY Kate. It’ll definitely help peak their interest in horses and keep them happily entertained. Thanks for your lovely words.

    34. Alyssa

      1 more horse play
      2 love playing with friends
      3 love love

    35. Anonymous

      I wish I owned HorsePLAY, I don’t yet. It’s such fun! I’d never get tired of it and it’s easy to take anywhere!

    36. Jaz

      The perfect combination of learning and fun! It’s filled with facts without it turning it into a lesson 🙂

    37. Maddison

      HorsePLAY is absolutely amazing. Such a good concept for a game with lots of learning involved while having fun. I absolutely love HorsePLAY and my friends do to. It’s fun to just sit down and enjoy playing while learning new things too. Thank you for such an amazing game

      • Jacqueline

        Thank you Maddison, you’re very welcome. We loved creating HorsePLAY. xx

    38. Lilly Tindal

      Oh my god I cannot tell you how amazing HorsePLAY is!! Not only is it a super easy, super fun that is suitable for all ages, it provides the players with extensive knowledge about horses!! I have learnt so much from HorsePLAY and honestly credit a lot of my knowledge to it! 100% recommend to anyone looking to have a heap of fun and learn about horses!!

      • Jacqueline

        Oh wow Lilly, thank you so much!

    39. Estelle Munday

      Based on reviews of others, HorsePLAY seems extremely fun and I’d love to get it! What a great idea and creation!
      This seems like the kind of game I’d sit and play at horse shows between classes to fill all the time with my horsey friends ❤️

      • Jacqueline


    40. Saffrom

      I would absolutely love to get HorsePLAY as I’ve heard so many great reviews about this game!
      I would love it so I can be inspired by other great equestrian riders and learn so many new things that I can apply to my own horse knowledge.
      I love playing games and I simply don’t have enough at home so this would be wonderful to add to my collection!
      I love horses and this would be a wonderful game to add to my collection!

      • Jacqueline

        Thanks for your lovely words. Here’s to 2019 being your HorsePLAY year!

    41. Annie (@GlamorousEquestrian)

      What can I say!!

      HorsePLAY has been the game I can take with me around Australia on road trips and holidays due to its compact size, hardshell case and light weight! I love taking it to my beach house to play with my family.

      When my box of HorsePLAY isn’t running around Australia, you will find it comfortable on the living room table ready to grab for curious hands or guests in need of a party pleaser! I can even HorsePLAY by myself!

      The photography is impeccable and the game is entertaining for “Horsey People”and “Non Horsey People”. Everything has been thought out perfectly!

      Couldn’t rate this game higher!

    42. lily (@lilyd_15)

      I love this it is amazing and so fun I would definitely recommend buying this me and my family play it a lot.

    43. Madi

      HorsePLAY is awesome for the whole family. Everyone can enjoy it!!! I’d love to have this to take to over night shows and competitions to keep myself and my friends/family entertained ❤️

    44. MadiMayne

      HorsePLAY is perfect for the whole family! Two legged and four legged! This is perfect to take to overnight shows and competitions to have something Fun to do before bed/ after your rounds. 100% recommend HorsePLAY to anyone who loves horses and loves to have fun!

      Instagram @madimayne

    45. Sarah Shelverton

      I would absolutely love to have this product, as I’ve heard and read so many brilliant reviews about it and I absolutely adore playing board games – especially horse ones
      Love Sarah❤️

    46. Georgi.S

      Seems like an absolutely AMAZING product would love to buy HorsePLAY. It seems so fun and interesting! Would love to play it with my horse lover friends whenever they come over and test their abilities. This product sounds dazzling from all the reviews, i am already in LOVE with the product! I also LOVE horseplaygame Sooooo MUCH! xxx ❤️❤️❤️

      Instagram- @georgi.equestrianlife

    47. Kayla

      HorsePLAY would be absolutely perfect for all horseman and women! It’s been on my to buy list for a very long time and I honestly think I wouldn’t be able to put it down when I finally get it! I also absolutely adore their instagram team. So nice and approachable. Definitely 5 stars for product and service!
      Love @jumpingaus

    48. @livbequestrian

      HorsePLAY is awesome! You can play it anytime anywhere and it’s so inspiring!

    49. Harriet Savage

      I absolutely love this business! I discovered you through watching Talicia Beardsmore’s videos and have been following you ever since! Would love to be able to buy HorsePLAY one day and be able to play it as I have heard so many good things about it!!! I have also entered the current HorsePLAY giveaway that is going to be drawn tomorrow and I am SO excited! It would be SO amazing to win it and to be able to design a beautiful custom Mates pad or Bonnet-such an amazing opportunity! My Instagram is 🙂

    50. Rebecca @blissfuleventing

      What an AMAZING game!

      Every detail of the HorsePLAY is thought of so carefully and I am in absolute awe!

      It is the perfect game to play with your friends and family, whether you’re at home or traveling the world! With the amazing quality of the photos to the extensive knowledge that HorsePLAY provides, making it great for all ages and abilities! HorsePLAY is thought out in grave detail and I couldn’t fault it one bit!

      HorsePLAY is lightweight and easy to travel with making it perfect to take to events and entertain everyone! You can really tell that HorsePLAY is special as it lights up faces and brings great joy to all players!

      I have learnt so much from HorsePLAY and I’m eternally grateful that such an amazing game was created!

      I 100% recommend HorsePLAY to everyone as it is such a fun and versatile for the whole family!

      • Jacqueline

        Wow Rebecca, your beautiful words touched my heart. All the things I hoped HorsePLAY would deliver on, you’ve described. Yippee! HorsePLAY delivers beyond our hopes and dreams.

        May it continue to entertain you and your friends/family for many many years to come.

        Best wishes, Jacqueline, HorsePLAY Creator

    51. Alicia Malloy

      Perfect Family Game!!
      An awesome game I’m sure you’ll love!! If your as passionate about horses as much as I am then HorsePLAY is for you! I love playing alongside my family and find it an awesome way to pass the time! HorsePLAY is also a super great quality! You can tell how much time and effort went into it! It is perfect to play with your friends (no matter if they have two legs or four) or enjoy on your own. @equestrian_alicia

    52. Phoebe Royal

      HorsePLAY is the most incredible thing ever! It is such a fun game to play with your horsey friends as well as when your alone! I highly recommend the product and the customer service is just amazing! So friendly, welcoming and kind! HorsePLAY is great for all horse lovers, young or old! It is packaged in a great little box which is easy to take anywhere you go, incase you need a little horsey fun! I highly recommend HorsePLAY and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
      Phoebe (@my.mare.dolly)

    53. Andrea Richardson

      I’ve heard such good reports about HorsePLAY!! I’d love to play this with my horse-mad daughter and her friends when I have them over at weekends for pony patrol sleepovers!! @andrearichardson007

    54. Rori

      I would absolutely LOVE to buy HorsePLAY, it looks like such an awesome game

    55. Ruby

      Always wanted to own one of these! So so creative and looks like so much incredible fun! Talicia is like making me obsessed omg! Not to mention the customer service and friendly staff is incredible xx

    56. Alana

      So much fun!! I love playing this with my horsey friends
      Alana Menso – alana keen

    57. Amber

      I have heard nothing but AMAZING things about HorsePLAY!! I have not personally purchased anything yet (but i hpe to very soon!!) My friends cannot say enough about how much they love HorsePLAY!!

    58. madeleine_watson

      Such an amazing concept which is great fun and easy for on the go travelling. It’s great for all ages and even those who aren’t horsey enjoy it. I’ve heard nothing but great things about HorsePLAY from my friends and can not wait to purchase my own and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed and neither will anyone else! – madeleine_watson

    59. oliv.ia.hamilton

      I have not personally purchased anything from HorsePLAY yet. But I hope to soon as I have heard only amazing things about HorsePLAY! I follow the horseplaygame instagram and their sponsor rider Talicia and hearing her on the videos on how fun HorsePLAY is has made me want to go out and buy it!

    60. Rose latorre

      Love love HorsePLAY! It’s fun and my niece likes playing as well!

      Jacqueline (Creator) is so lovely to deal with as well she sent a special card for my niece who love it!

      Talk about great customer service and great product highly recommend!

      Love it

      From roselat ( Instagram name)

      • Jacqueline

        Aww thank you Rose, your words make what we do all worth while xx

    61. Alexie Blankers

      I have not yet ordered HorsePLAY but I definitely will soon. I can’t wait to order it I love what people are saying about it and I really really excited to purchase it very very soon but people are saying it’s such a good game and I definitely should buy it and I am very excited. Watching the videos makes me want to buy it so much look and sounds like great fun

    62. Hannah

      Would absolutely love to have a horsePLAY game!!! Have heard such wonderful things about it! Such a clever and creative idea, would be a dream to own!!!


    63. Jenna Comley

      I love HORSEPLAY! I got a set to take with me to a horse summer camp in America. Everyone enjoys playing and it’s great fun for all ages! I highly recommend this product.

      IG (@national_horse)

    64. Kat

      It’s such a Horsome game!!! Love love love it! Best game ever! Fun when travelling and to play with your mates!

    65. Karena Murray

      I absolutely love HorsePLAY. Their products are absolutely perfect and are amazing quality if you have the chance I would definitely snatch up any one of theses! Highly recommend and to follow them on all social media’s.

      IG (karenamurray_nz)

    66. Maddison Hogan

      HorsePLAY is absolutely amazing. It’s such fun and educational to play with friends, family or by yourself. Everyone loves it. I absolutely love my inspirational rider cards. They are so beautiful and the riders that have been chosen are so inspiring and encourage you to work hard towards your dreams

    67. Emily Sues

      Hi HorsePLAY ,
      I would just like to say how much I love my HorsePLAY. I had an event on the weekend and I took it up to play with my friends and then everyone just joined in.

      From Emily sues


      Hello there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really
      enjoy reading through your articles.
      Many thanks!

    69. Robin

      This game is so fun, I enjoy it. Jacqueline (creator) has kindly offered to send me a new rule card as my original has gone missing. She’s in Australia, I’m in America. My sister and I ride horses and HorsePLAY gives us the opportunity to share our love of horses with the rest of our family. We have been looking for a new game to play at family gatherings and HorsePLAY is the perfect one to introduce to everyone. It will also be fun to play with our horsey friends. Thank you!

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