How to Play


The Player at the end of the game time with the most points wins.


The first time you play, open all the card packs BUT return them to the box in the order they were in –
they’re pre-shuffled. The main things to know are the points you get for the different card types and what each of the dice symbols mean.


Decide who will be Scorer. This player keeps track of each Players bonus points.

They write player nicknames, initials or name across the top of the notepad. At the end of game play total each player’s bonus points and card points to discover who is the Champion! 


Game time can be as little as 10 minutes or as long as 10 days. It’s up to you.


The youngest, or person who can do the most interesting facial expression goes first.

The person on the right of the Player picks a card from the FRONT of the box and reads the question or action to the Player who’s turn it is. Depending on the card, they may need to show the image on the front and/or back of the card to help the Player answer the question.

If the Player gets the answer or action correct, they keep the card.

If they don’t get it right, the card is placed back in the BACK of the box.

Proceed to the next Player in a clockwise direction.


Most cards have the card type written on the front, top right corner. If not, don’t worry, you can easily tell what type of card it is by the colour of the headings:
Champion, Gallery, Crossroad, Trivia/Busking/Adventure and Brain Teaser.

Chance – 1 point

Any orange card relates to you having a Chance at victory. They’ll have you going on various Adventures, rolling the dice to pick what Trivia Question you get asked and Busking – performing, miming, drawing and answering the most amazing questions.  Lots of laughing your way to earning even more bonus points.

Brain Teaser – 1 point

Welcome to the fun of equine wisdoms, jokes and riddles that have integrated into our everyday language, literature and art. These will Tease your brain and have you laughing so much your face hurts.

Crossroads – 5 points

What would you do?  Roll the dice to see how the horseplay unfolds!  How often have real life situations left you at a Crossroad?  Earn bonus points by safely navigating through these tough, terrifying and technical real life situations.

Gallery – 10 points

Your very own Gallery!  Lots of stunning images and artwork to challenge and inspire you.  
The player is shown the image on the front of the card and asked the question that goes with it.

Champion – 20 points

The most sought after cards feature brilliant artwork and earn the highest points for your Champion Performance.
The Player is asked to “Pick a number from 1 to 5”. That number question is read from the back of the card. The images on the front correspond in a clockwise direction from the top LH corner to these 5 questions. They also provide a hint to the answer.


If Trivia is next out of the box, the player whose turn it is rolls the dice to determine which question they answer.


When your game is over, shuffle the cards that have been won before returning them to the BACK of the box.