Limited Edition Inspiring Rider Certificate – HAYLEY CHAMBERS

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Congratulations to Hayley Chambers (Horsemanship & Horse Archery Specialist), for being Awarded inclusion in our INSPIRING RIDER SERIES.

Hayley’s HorsePLAY® card, uniquely designed by Hayley, comes enclosed in a LIMITED EDITION Certificate of Authenticity, complete with its own Number, Date of Issue and Hayley’s signature.

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    If you love Hayley, you’ll love this LIMITED EDITION chance to have a special Hayley treasure to keep as your own.

    Hayley’s HorsePLAY® card can be removed from the Certificate and included in your box of HorsePLAY® to enjoy OR remain in the Certificate as a special Collector’s item to treasure.

    It’s no wonder HorsePLAY® received the Top 100 National SMART Product of the Year Award.

    There is no product like HorsePLAY® anywhere in the world.

  • Reviews (8)

    8 reviews for Limited Edition Inspiring Rider Certificate – HAYLEY CHAMBERS

    1. Jacqueline

      You can’t force a horse to be happy! Watch Hayley’s horses doing any of their huge range of fun things and you’ll get the best evidence of how brilliant Hayley’s talents are at building a horse’s confidence, nurturing emotionally damaged horses back to health and always ensuring an environment in which horses will thrive.

      We are extremely proud to have Hayley Chambers Awarded INSPIRING RIDER in this our LIMITED EDITION Series.

      You’ll be proud to, to be able to hold a piece of Hayley’s positive and empowering message in your hands. To keep as a Treasure for years to come.

      Best wishes
      Jacqueline Thompson
      Creator of HorsePLAY

    2. Katerina

      Hayley’s HorsePLAY card is truly amazing! I love the design of the card and the wonderful inspiring quotes and meanings behind them!!

      • Jacqueline

        What a lovely thing to say!
        On behalf of Hayley and the HorsePLAY team, THANK YOU Katerina, your words make what we do worth it.

    3. Chynna

      Absolutely Amazing!!! 100% recommended purchasing HorsePLAY as well as the inspiring rider cards!! They are something you don’t want to be missing out on having!

    4. Alicia

      Awesome quality!! Add to your box of HorsePLAY with this inspirational card! You’re sure to be inspired! ✨

    5. Kadey Wright

      I must admit, I originally didn’t know who this ‘Hayley Chambers’ was and why she is so important, but this limited addition card taught me all about her and it shows her true love for horses. Hayley now to me is a true equestrian that is so passionate and inspiring to so many riders. The design of this card is so unique and creative too! I love the mounted archery photo, as it is a discipline that takes so much patience and precision, and Hayley demonstrates what can be possible with determination and hard work.

      • Jacqueline

        Wow Kadey! You’re very insightful. On behalf of Hayley and the HorsePLAY Team THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

    6. Tash

      This card is amazing! The quotes are so inspiring and can help anyone of any age! The pictures are spectacular and it really highlights the capability anyone could reach! No matter where they are now! Definetly recomend Hayley’s Certificate

      • Jacqueline

        We love your words, they’re very insightful. Thank you.

    7. Talicia Beardsmore

      I love the design of this card! Hayley is such a talented lady. I especially love the action picture on the front.

    8. Lilly Tindal

      I didn’t know who Hayley was before I received this HorsePLAY card but oh my is she cool! This card is absolutely awesome, from the action shot on the front and the insightful message on the back!

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