Poetry in Motion

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Are you a Horse Lover?

A STUNNING Medley of Inspiration, Wisdom and Laughter awaits you.

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    The Symbol of Power and Freedom!

    Ask me to show you poetry in motion and I will show you a horse.

    He is a symbol of power and freedom – a teacher of nonpredatory power and freedom through relationship.

    Those open and adventurous enough to the ways of horses can’t help but become more confident, balanced and peaceful, more open to the beauty and sacredness of life.

    Long before first being hunted as food, cave drawings depicting the horse’s magnificence have been recorded around the world.

    No matter the country or culture of those peoples, ironically it was the horse that did the capturing of the imaginations and desires of those people to partner with.

    So began 6,000years ago the journey of the horse’s impact upon our lives. From carrying hunters, knights, soldiers, explorers and children to school, to ploughing the fields and horse racing, his magnificence still remains the center piece for our entertainment.

    The words we’ve gathered for you on the following pages help show the versatility and impact of the horse, through history, theatre, odes and oddities on our lives.

    The spirit of mateship and audacity has attracted many a poet and writer. We invite you to share your poetry with us if you’ve put such to paper. Perhaps it could include it in the next edition of Poetry in Motion!

    Images in Poetry in Motion showcase the stunning images from the global talent of photographers and artists, as featured in HorsePLAY®.

  • Reviews (5)

    5 reviews for Poetry in Motion

    1. Jacqueline

      Due to popular demand our highly successful Poetry in Motion eBook has been created as book.

      BONUS! We couldn’t resist adding new pages and stunning new images into this, the first in our book Collection.


      Best wishes
      Jacqueline & the HorsePLAY Team

    2. Annie

      I absolutely loved this book

      Such a wonderful read, and beautiful photos! Perfect for a lazy afternoon!

      Can highly recommend for all ages!

    3. @Ezzy38566

      I adore reading books with horses in them, when I seen this book on this website I thought I would really want to read it! I mean I wouldn’t want to judge it by it’s cover:DD.

    4. Insta-@showjumping_kiddo

      I really love the sound of this book, I would love to give it a read and can’t wait to get it. It sounds like such an inspiring, interesting and a lovely true book. Can’t wait to get it!

    5. Sian

      I absolutely love this book, everyone should definitely buy it.

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