Limited Edition Inspiring Rider Certificate – MEGAN JONES

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Congratulations to Megan Jones (Elite International Event Rider, Olympian), for being Awarded inclusion in our INSPIRING RIDER SERIES.

Megan’s HorsePLAY® card, uniquely designed by Megan, comes enclosed in a LIMITED EDITION Certificate of Authenticity, complete with its own Number, Date of Issue and Megan’s signature.

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    If you love Megan, you’ll love this LIMITED EDITION chance to have a special Megan treasure to keep as your own.

    Megan’s HorsePLAY® card can be removed from the Certificate and included in your box of HorsePLAY® to enjoy OR remain in the Certificate as a special Collector’s item to treasure.

    It’s no wonder HorsePLAY® received the Top 100 National SMART Product of the Year Award.

    There is no product like HorsePLAY® anywhere in the world.

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    12 reviews for Limited Edition Inspiring Rider Certificate – MEGAN JONES

    1. Jacqueline

      Successfully competing internationally, for your Country, at the top level in your chosen sport sounds like LIVING THE DREAM.
      Yes! But behind those pinnacle moments are the days, weeks, years and hugely confronting milestones of overcoming fear, building the skills required and creating not just a solid personal state, but a horse-human solid partnership as well! A tough gig!

      We are extremely proud to have Megan Jones Awarded INSPIRING RIDER in this our LIMITED EDITION Series.
      You’ll be proud to, to be able to hold a piece of Megan’s special wisdom, natural sparkle and love of life in your hands. To keep as a Treasure for years to come.

      Best wishes
      Jacqueline Thompson
      Creator of HorsePLAY

    2. Katerina

      By far one of my favourite cards of the HorsePLAY Card series! I love how inspiring this card is and how beautifully made it is!! ☺️ Love it!

      • Jacqueline

        Gee, thanks! On behalf of Megan and the HorsePLAY team, THANK YOU Katerina, your words make what we do worth it.

    3. Alicia

      An inspiring asset to the game! This is a must have for all HorsePLAY games!

    4. Chynna

      Such a colourful, fun and inspiring card! Beautiful moments are captured and used as the pictures for this card. The certificate of authenticity that the card itself comes in, is made with such care and attention to detail. It even tells you the number your limited edition card is! Mine was the 604th card sent out!! How AWESOME!

      • Jacqueline

        Aww, WOW!
        On behalf of Megan and the HorsePLAY team, THANK YOU Chynna, your words make what we do worth it.

    5. Kody

      First, I have to acknowledge the beautiful pictures chosen for the certificate and the card! I’m in absolute awe every time I open up my Megan Jones’ certificate of authenticity. All of the pictures have so much detail and it’s amazing, just had to put that out there! Playing HorsePLAY becomes so much more fun with Megan Jones’ card and I enjoy reading about what she does to relax in a situation of stress, anxiety or fear, it’s incredibly helpful for me. (Constantly putting myself into those situations haha, oops.)

      • Jacqueline

        WOW, WOW, WOW Kody! Your words are so special. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing them.

    6. Phoebe Royal

      Wow, these are just so special! I LOVE HorsePLAY’s inspirational rider cards! They are so creative and include lots of information about the rider!

    7. Kadey Wright

      I really love the Megan Jones card, definitely one that stands out! I love the photos both on the card and in the certificate itself, they are so gorgeous and really show the passion and bond between Megan and her horse!

    8. Talicia Beardsmore

      Absolutely LOVE this card! Megan Jones is such an inspiration to young equestrians everywhere! This card is so aesthetically pleasing

    9. Lilly Tindal

      LOVE this HorsePLAY card!! As a young rider I was so inspired by Megan and her incredible bond with her horse. Being an eventer myself I loved the tips about keeping nerves in check and the beautiful photos. The card itself is amazing quality as well as the gorgeous certificate that accompanied it.

    10. Annie

      I love my Megan Jones addition to my HorsePLAY! Megan is such an inspiring rider to many young equestrians, such a fantastic idea!!

    11. Destiny Quick

      Love all these limited addition cards! So inspiring, creative and awesome! Definitely will get the HorsePLAY very soon! @that_black_stockhorse

    12. Rori

      Such an amazing card so inspiring and amazing .

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