HorsePLAY® is the new definition of life lessons and entertainment for horse lovers, created by Jacqueline Thompson at EQUUS 101 Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia.  

Born in Australia with the ‘horse mad’ gene it’s not surprising that side by side with Jacqueline growing up, university studies and career, has always been horses.  

After suffering an horrendous accident, yes – a horse riding one, her world was turned upside down. During the years of relearning basics like walking and talking, and yes – how to ride, she no longer had a body memory of riding, her stickability had to be re-learnt all over again, she knew her accident just added to the bad name horses had for being ‘dangerous’.

To help spread the joy of horses, increased horsemanship and some serious savvy tips and trick, Jacqueline harnessed together the talents of incredible experts, artists and what she calls her ‘Executive Team’.  A team of passionate horsey friends and business colleagues from around the world, who helped edit and guide HorsePLAY®’s evolution every step of the way.

Together, let’s make loving horses safer and happier for you, and for them.

And let’s continue to celebrate what a bonus having horses in our lives is.

May the Horse be with You.

Image Credit: Lesley Bruce, genius.