Bucket List


How does it work? 

  • First, follow us on Instagram at @horseplaygame_ 
  • Find a bucket list item you’d like to complete!  Snap a picture of HorsePLAY® while completing your bucket list item and post on instagram with our handle @horseplaygame_ and hashtag #HorsePLAYbucketlist and email us that picture at welcome@horseplaygame.com.
  • If we repost your picture on our page we’ll send you a FREE POSTAGE COUPON to use in our store PLUS a Special BONUS entry to our next giveaway competition (increasing your chances of winning).
  • When an item on the list has been completed, we will cross it out!  If you have already completed things from this list you can repost your picture on your Instagram account following the same rules above.
  • Pictures shown in the showcase are numbered to correspond with that number on the Bucket List. Pictures with a number ‘0’ (like 26-0) are inspiring examples from our collection – from our Sponsored Riders, Friends or Family for you to enjoy.  And help give you ideas!
  • Want to add a bucket list item/s to our list? Got a fun idea? Contact Us and let us know.

TIP: Make sure HorsePLAY® is visible and in focus!  Make it fun, be creative! Give it and the people/you an awesome background!  Ensure to take a high quality image.


  1. Take us with you to show a foal having a look at HorsePLAY®!
  2. Cuddle up to us, get cozy, give us a hug!  (COMPLETED!)
    Tash Jameson, Australia
  3. Take us with you getting friendly with a monkey (animal kind, not human!)
  4. Take us to the beach, with a surfboard in view
  5. Take us on an outdoor adventure – hiking, kayaking, skiing ….. you decide
  6. Take us with you to New Zealand for a picture beside Lake Matheson (COMPLETED!)
    Happy girl from Poland
  7. Take us with you to New Zealand for a picture at Frodo’s house in Hobbiton
  8. Take us with you to Australia and snap a picture holding a Koala
  9. Take us with you to the Sydney Opera House, Australia
  10. Take us with you to Australia to the Great Ocean Road, Victoria 
  11. Take us with you walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia
  12. Take us with you to snap a picture with a Kangaroo, Australia 
  13. Take us with you to Australia to the Northern Territory 
  14. Take us with you into the desert to snap a picture from atop a camel
  15. Take us with you to London and snap a picture with Big Ben
  16. Take us camping, anywhere in the world.
  17. Show us the night sky, stars ablaze with light
  18. Take us with you to London for a picture inside a London Eye Capsule
  19. Take us with you to Alberta to snap a picture at Banff/Lake Louise
  20. Take us with you for a picture at an Olympic venue.
  21. Take us with you to China and snap a picture with the Great Wall
  22. Take us horse riding with a friend 
  23. Take us with you to New York City and snap a picture in Time Square 
  24. Take us with you to Peru for a picture at Machu Picchu 
  25. Take us with you anywhere you get to spend some time with an elephant
  26. Take us to visit a horse, have them check out HorsePLAY®!
  27. Take us with you on a gondola ride in Venice 
  28. Take us up in a hot air balloon
  29. Take us with you to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower
  30. Sit us with you on the edge of Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, Africa
  31. Take us with you (empty box only) in the water – swimming with dolphins (COMPLETED!)
    Jana van Doesselaere from Belgium, with dolphins in Kaikoura New Zealand
  32. Take us with you to Riowith Christ the Redeemer in the background.
  33. Take us with you to Ireland for St Patty’s Day Parade
  34. Take us back in time to visit a real castle
  35. Show us your happy face and your fav HorsePLAY®card
  36. Take us with you to Dubai to snap a picture at Ski Dubai in the Mall of the Emirates
  37. Take us inside the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey
  38. Take us horse riding with a friend
  39. Adventure inside the Smithsonian Museum in Washington
  40. Take us with you to one of your favourite places.
  41. Take us with you while you play in the snow.
  42. Take us with you to Rome and snap a picture of you making a wish in the Trevi Fountain
  43. Take us with you to wander through a magnificent garden
  44. Take us with you hanging out in a tree
  45. Take us with you to New York and snap a picture with Lady Liberty.
  46. Take a celebratory picture of us with the new ribbon/s you’ve just won at an event
  47. Take us with you on a helicopter ride!
  48. Take us with you to Washington DC and have a picture with President Lincoln
  49. Take us to visit a horse, have them check out HorsePLAY®!
  50. Take us with you to wherever a lighthouse safely guides those at sea (COMPLETED!)
     Jana van Doesselaere from Belgium, at Cape Reinga Lighthouse in New Zealand.
  51. Take us with you to experience the beauty of a cave
  52. Take us with you to the unique waterfall called Angel Falls in Venezuela
  53. Take a happy nap of us with a horsey street name
  54. Balance HorsePLAY® somewhere safe on your horse
  55. Take us with you for a swing in a hammock 
  56. Have a young friend show you how awesome they think HorsePLAY®is
  57. Take us on a road trip 
  58. Take us with you to San Francisco and snap a picture with the Golden Gate Bridge. 
  59. Take us horse riding at the beach
  60. Take us to a famous horse Museum or Riding School
  61. Take us with you to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, show lots of beads in this picture!
  62. Take us with you to a really unusual or weird place
  63. Take us with you to a horse event
  64. Take us with you to see the wonder of the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt
  65. Take us with you to snap a picture with a sea of cherry blossom trees in full bloom, Japan
  66. Take us with you to hug a giant sequoiain theYosemite National Park,California
  67. Take us with you to Paris to lock your love on the Lock Bridge
  68. Take us with you to Niagara Falls for a picture, Canada
  69. Show us some happy people having some HorsePLAY
  70. Take us with you to the Statue of the 4 Horses in Moscow, Russia

Take us, a horse and some friends to the beach, enjoy some HorsePLAY®