Limited Edition Inspiring Rider Certificate – EMMA BOOTH

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Congratulations to Emma Booth (Elite International Dressage Rider, Para-Equestrian), for being Awarded inclusion in our INSPIRING RIDER SERIES.

Emma’s HorsePLAY® card, uniquely designed by Emma, comes enclosed in a LIMITED EDITION Certificate of Authenticity, complete with its own Number, Date of Issue and Emma’s signature.

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    If you love Emma, you’ll love this LIMITED EDITION chance to have a special Emma treasure to keep as your own.

    Emma’s HorsePLAY® card can be removed from the Certificate and included in your box of HorsePLAY® to enjoy OR remain in the Certificate as a special Collector’s item to treasure.

    It’s no wonder HorsePLAY® received the Top 100 National SMART Product of the Year Award.

    There is no product like HorsePLAY® anywhere in the world.

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    12 reviews for Limited Edition Inspiring Rider Certificate – EMMA BOOTH

    1. Jacqueline

      Successfully competing internationally, for your Country, at the top level in your chosen sport sounds like LIVING THE DREAM.
      Yes! But what if behind those pinnacle moments of the days, weeks, years and hugely confronting milestones of overcoming fear, building the skills required and creating not just a solid personal state, but a horse-human solid partnership as well, you had to do it all with a physical impairment – Paraplegia!

      We are extremely proud to have Emma Booth Awarded INSPIRING RIDER in this our LIMITED EDITION Series.
      You’ll be proud to, to be able to hold a piece of Emma’s inspirational message and love of life in your hands. To keep as a Treasure for years to come.

      Best wishes
      Jacqueline Thompson
      Creator of HorsePLAY

    2. Katerina

      I love this card the most because of how inspiring Emma Booth truely is! This amazing card shows how Emma did not give up even in the hardest of times to achieve her dreams! I love this card, this card makes my HorsePLAY collection!

      • Jacqueline

        Aww, WOW!
        On behalf of Emma and the HorsePLAY team, THANK YOU Katerina, your words make what we do worth it.

    3. Chynna

      Amazing pictures of an incredible equestrian, a signed certificate of authenticity from both Emma Booth AND Jacqueline Thompson…what more could you possibly ask for!!!!

    4. Alicia

      Beautifully designed!! Simply pop out the inspiring card and add it to your set! This is a must have for your HorsePLAY collection!!

    5. Kody

      Emma Booth’s rider certificate of authenticity is a great addition to any box of HorsePLAY, whether you’re looking to begin a collection or in search of inspiration. You can read some amazing words from a talented rider who excels, despite her disability!
      Personally, Emma booth is an idol that I majorly look up to, having a card signed and designed by her makes it feel really special to me. Emma is truly an inspiration to me, and others all around Australia.
      I hope that you feel the same. HorsePLAY really has done an amazing job in their partnership with Emma Booth to bring us this limited edition rider certificate and special HorsePLAY card!

    6. Kadey Wright

      Emma Booth… a horse woman like no other! She has faced the harshest of setbacks, but did not let that affect her goals and dreams. This limited edition card displays how strong Emma is to achieve everything she has, and she is truly inspiring to me and so many people around the world!!

      • Jacqueline

        On behalf of Emma and the HorsePLAY Team THANK YOU Kadey for your heartfelt words.

    7. Talicia Beradsmore

      This card holds a special place in my heart as a Emma is one of my biggest inspirations! Being a Dressage rider myself I admire how hard she works even with being a paraplegic. She never gives up and always has such a positive attitude towards everything! Great choice HorsePLAY, she definitely deserves this amazing opportunity

    8. Lilly Tindal

      Emma is one of my biggest inspirations, although I am not a dressage rider her story and hard work inspires me to work even harder as a rider. This HorsePLAY card is my favorite out of the whole Inspiring Riders set and always reminds me to be positive and believe in myself.

    9. Annie

      Emma Booth has been to hell and back, and rose from it! What an inspiring rider and fantastic card to add to my box of HorsePLAY!!

    10. Olivia

      I’d definitely love this card to go alongside my limited edition HorsePLAY box! I did an assignment on Emma Booth in year four and since then I’ve basically worshiped her. She has such an incredible story and how she overcame the tragedy of paralysis proves that no matter how big your issue is there is always a better side or a way to work through it. Her and Zidane are such an incredible team but she works her magic on every horse she brings on! That’s why I would love to get this card someday!
      – omsilvermane

    11. Freddie.Eventing

      I haven’t got one but I would love one because Emma booth, she is just so inspiring

    12. Insta-@showjumping_kiddo

      This is so beautiful and would be so lovely to have around as she is such an inspiration to me. She helps a lot with her tips and I know I can do anything!

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