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* Full set of the Limited Edition INSPIRING RIDER SERIES Certificates (not $20)

  Megan Jones, Emma Booth, Hayley Chambers, Talicia Beardsmore (4)

* Box of HorsePLAY® (not $59.95)

* FREE Delivery (not $7.50)

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    Congratulations to Megan Jones (Elite International Event Rider, Olympian), Emma Booth (Para-Equestrian, Dressage), Hayley Chambers (Horsemanship & Horse Archery) and Talicia Beardsmore (Horsemanship) for being Awarded inclusion in our INSPIRING RIDER SERIES.

    These LIMITED EDITION HorsePLAY® cards, uniquely designed by each of these riders, come enclosed in a Certificate of Authenticity, complete with its own Number and Date of Issue.

    It’s no wonder HorsePLAY® received the Top 100 National SMART Product of the Year Award.

    There is no product like HorsePLAY® anywhere in the world.

    Revolutionary in Quality & Design. You don’t have to be ‘horsey’ to love having some HorsePLAY®.

    Whether you love action, challenges, answering trivia, mime, drawing, singing badly or well, HorsePLAY® has something for everyone.

    HorsePLAY® showcases the artistry and excellence of a huge array of our best global talent. The hilarious and/or engaging images are on display for you in this one seriously playable, portable and built to last entertainer.

    Robust in design, the box is made of durable plastic. Each Adventure card has a matt varnish over the high quality card paper – helping ensure it lasts you a very long time. If you accidentally drop a game card into your breakfast bowl, don’t worry. Just wipe it clean and good as new.

    To celebrate this COLLECTOR PACK, you get the bonus of FREE Delivery.

  • Reviews (13)

    13 reviews for HorsePLAY – COLLECTORS PACK

    1. thesaddl


    2. Katerina

      Love love love this!!!!
      Super fun!
      Very creative and you learn heaps on each card!
      Super easy to take anywhere to play with anyone, including just yourself!
      My favourite game ever!!

    3. Abbey Tierney

      It is fabulous I love it, it keeps you occupied and is loads of fun with the family

    4. Alicia

      Such an awsome set! You wouldn’t want to miss out on this one!! Not only do you receive the HorsePLAY game, but it also comes with the LIMITED edition (get them while you still can!!) inspiring rider cards! Such a great deal!!

      • Jacqueline

        Thank you so much for your lovely words Alicia, they make what we do all worth it.

    5. Annie

      All these riders are so incredibly inspiring, what a fabulous opportunity to gain some limited edition cards for your game of HorsePLAY!!

    6. Olivia

      Love love love !!!

    7. @mitch_chestnut

      Such an awesome set! And great fun!

    8. Showjumping bays

      Such an amazing set!!

    9. Insta: @showjumping_kiddo

      Love the idea of HorsePLAY. Just amazing riders and a great game!

    10. oliv.ia.hamilton

      I am yet to get HorsePLAY but the products always have amazing reviews everywhere. This collectors pack is the perfect HorsePLAY to buy as it also includes the inspirational riders which is amazing. HorsePLAY has done a fabulous job by including inspirational riders in their collection as young riders now have people to look up to in the horse world and have inspiring role models. Thank you HorsePLAY!!

    11. Alexie

      Such an amazing product so excited to purchase it soon always wanted to get HorsePLAY xx

    12. Emma Craigen

      My daughters loves to ride so being a single Mum with 2 girls that love to ride is hard an can get expensive we are yet to get HorsePLAY but I hope to get it for my daughter who is turning 10 I’ve heard so many good reviews and we would love to get it soon thank you.

    13. Megan

      Omg these products are amazing they would be great for kids and adults who love riding and want to learn more about other equestrians I think that they are just amazing and I would definitely recommend it to other people xx

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